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The Blisstones' first EP, 'Park', was a good start, but with better production, the new EP, 'Slapback', is even better. Although billed as rock/alternative, you'll also hear some R&B, country, funk, and even an almost latin kind of feel. This band is not afraid to veer off the beaten path. They do it well, and they do it with confidence.

Guitarist Michael's easy, flowing guitar work really complements Laura Fay's deep and moody vocals. Evan Eli Wagner & Glenn Schuld, on bass, and drummer, Jamie Moore, provide a steady backbone (Also on acoustic and slide guitar and keyboards was the producer, Preacher Boy).

The first track, 'What's The Rush, Superstar' is a laid back song with a hook that will linger long after the song is over. But my favorite track, 'Runaround Man', is a slow, bluesy track with sultry, seductive vocals that drip with attitude. It's well worth your time to check out The Blisstones at their website or on MySpace where you can see videos as well.